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Water Tube - Your helping hand on the land

As the effects of climate change begin to bite, with a predicted increase in the frequency of El Niño events driving drier conditions along Australia’s eastern seaboard across the coming century, water security and water resource management risks will impact agri-business in ways that will require ongoing innovation in both day-to-day practice and applied technology.

Sadly, for many farmers, times are already tough enough, with many of Australia’s hard-working farming families being forced to the wall by high ongoing costs and often low farmgate prices. For these families access to the critical training and infrastructure required to tackle environmental issues will be far too costly, thereby putting their livelihood at further risk, which can then flow on into farm closures, which in turn adversely affects the viability of regional communities around the country.         

However, our newly formed partnership with Water Tube and Aussie Helpers lets you help tackle this crisis by putting potentially drought proofing technology directly into the hands of struggling Aussie farming families. If, like most of us in the city, you love great Aussie produce, you can give something back to the bush during October and November by helping us to deliver a vital water saving solution.

Our partners Aussie Helpers Ltd are true to their tagline: "We're looking after our own backyard', and will facilitate the campaign by distributing the Water Tubes directly to those farmers most in need. Aussie Helpers stay in touch with 100’s of farming families to ensure their well-being and survival through good and bad times. Aussie Helpers support our hardworking farmers by coordinating volunteers, community fundraising and donations. Although challenging, Aussie Helpers are tireless community workers, who work to see people smile again - this alone makes their job worthwhile and inspiring.

The technology in question is the Australian owned & invented self-watering plant guard, Water Tube. An ingenious, simple and effective innovation, Water Tube dramatically reduces water and labour costs. Installed around a new plant, tree or shrub, it provides the ultimate in resistance to the elements by delivering a predictable and measured water dosage regardless of the weather. This, in turn, helps them grow bigger, faster. It is also 100% recyclable and offers savings in the region of 75% on water costs.

With El Nino happening this year, and a dry summer predicted, this campaign is our Christmas present to the bush.

It’s a really practical, sustainable and powerful way for the city to connect to the country, for those of us who enjoy Aussie produce to give something back to people who grow it.

It might not rain much this summer but the Water Tube campaign means that you can help to keep the garden green; because the seed you plant today is the world you grow tomorrow.   


What is Water Tube?

Water Tube is a machine-blown polyethylene tube creating a robust sealed unit that can contain 20 litres of water. Installed around a newly planted tree or shrub, Water Tube provides the ultimate in resistance to the elements and animal pests.

Water Tube provides plants with predictable and measured water dosage regardless of the weather, whilst protecting them from animals, sun, wind and frost. This, in turn, helps them grow bigger, faster. It is also 100% recyclable and offers savings in the region of 75% on water costs.

As St Kilda resident and Water Tube director Tim Langdon notes, “It’s a self-watering plant guard. The idea is to make sure that not a drop of water gets wasted, saving you money, time and helping your plants survive dry summers. It’s ideal for when you’re away on holidays or don’t have the time.” have teamed up with Water Tube to drive the campaign, and in doing so will piggyback with one of Langdon’s ongoing eco-awareness projects, A Drop In The Ocean.

A Drop in the Ocean is a documentary feature about the adverse impacts of human activity on the world’s oceans and the practical steps that everyday people can take to mitigate these impacts. This ambitious project has been a focus for debate and awareness raising. Although still in production, the project has over one hundred thousand Facebook followers and connects with them on a regular basis.

The crowdfunding phase of the Water Tube project will begin in October, running for a month, offering discounted deals and value adds from the native nurseries.

It’s been an unusually dry winter in parts of Australia, with the real possibility of dry conditions continuing into summer. You can support the Water Tube campaign, save money on water and protect your precious plants this summer by purchasing one of the following packs. Within these packs are special gift vouchers for The Native Shop.

Please note that the Water Tube does not come with the wooden stakes pictured.

Campaign Donation Pack:

~ Stream Pack: $95

  • Farmer receives: 8 × Water Tubes

  • You receive: Bonus Gift Voucher of $20 and Australian Native Plant Guide Book RRP - $29.95

~ River Pack: $195

  • Farmer receives 16 × Water Tubes

  • You receive bonus gift voucher of $40 and Australian Native Plant Guide Book RRP - $29.95

~ Lake Pack: $395

  • Farmer receives 32 × Water Tubes

  • You receive Bonus Gift Voucher of $80 and Australian Native Plant Guide Book RRP - $29.95

~ Ocean Pack: $795

  • Farmer receives 64 × Water Tubes

  • You receive Bonus Gift Voucher of $160 and Australian Native Plant Guide Book RRP - $29.95

Flat fee of $19.95 for P&H

Get your plants and seeds from The Native Shop just in time for spring, and protect your veggies, shrubs and plants from this coming summer.

The Native Shop bonus vouchers will make a wonderful Christmas gift and at the same time you will be helping Australian Farmers and the environment - A fabulous opportunity to put meaning back into Christmas in 2017. 

Voucher suggestion ideas:


Water Tube will be available from from 7th October 2017. Please email us at for pre-order enquiries.

Project FAQ

1.Can I purchase more than one pack?

Sure can. Multiples are permitted.

2. Is the shipping separate?

There is a shipping and handling fee of 19.95 per pack (delivery usually 28 business days).

3. How long will this offer last?

The campaign runs for 30 days and stocks are limited. Check the campaign goal bar for progress.

4. Do I need to sign up?

No, you can go straight to the checkout.

5. How do I pay?

We use Paypal. It's secure and takes all major credit and debit cards.

  • Australia - Visa, MasterCard, and American Express
  • No need to be a PayPal member - you can sign in as a guest.

6. Will you notify me when posted?

Yes, you'll get an email once payment and shipping have been completed.

7. When do the vouchers expire?

All Gift Vouchers expire on 30 June 2018

8. Terms and conditions for The Native Shop

9. Information about the Native Shop's Privacy Notice

10. How do I redeem my gift voucher?

All gift vouchers are redeemed online at the

11. Can I redeem my Gift Voucher for cash?

No. All gift vouchers are redeemed online at the

12. Can I purchase outside Australia?

No. This is restricted to Australia.

13. Can I purchase live plants from Western Australia and Tasmania?

Please note that live plants are not permitted to be sent to Western Australia and Tasmania due to quarantine restrictions

14. How do I redeem my Gift Voucher from The Native Shop?

Redeeming your Gift Voucher from The Native Shop is easy. Simply type your Gift Voucher number in the comments section at the time of placing an order and the nursery staff will deduct the value of the Gift Voucher from the total cost of your order. Your free Gift Voucher will be sent to you in your Water Tube pack.